Friday, 19 October 2012


    We all know that Truth is not what it is because we believe it but  it is what it is because it is what it is. Many critics [especially Christianity haters] have made it a point of duty to bring some cooked up claims against the faith but each time these critics try, they fall deep into the pit they themselves dug. I have done intense a study on these claims that the critics like using against the faith and I found out that these claims are rested on some sandy pillars and are usually supported with lies and add-ons. In this blog, I will be refuting claims held by the
following critics against true Christianity:
•    Atheists
•    Jews
•    Jehovah’s Witnesses
•    Muslims, e.t.c.
These claims are based solely on the following
•    Trinity
•    The identity of Jesus
•    The Holy Spirit
•    Salvation in Christianity
•    Divine retribution
•    The Bible
•    History and so on.
    One might say to himself that I'm either bluffing or just trying to create a hoax but sorry lad, I will not only be demolishing those shaky pillars. I will also be crushing them to dust never to be used as or called a claim again [by the special grace of God Almighty]...
    While I was still contemplating going fully into being an Apologist, I recieved [and still recieve] so many letters from my friends concerning things they found difficult about the faith and the pressure mounted on them by critics to apostatize and in various times, many of them send letters about their apostasy and why they could not cope with the overwhelming claims held by these critics. This was an example of what I recieved:
    "Life truely is like a game; you do not realize that you are wrong until you are hit... I'm out never to come back again" -- James
    And of course, I was expected to be overwhelmed with doubts but--NO!-- You do not give up without a fight. A strong man is not the one who knocks you down; it is he that never gives up... I started theological classes with my friend at a very young age and when I got to 16, I had the full armour of the word of God in me and was ready to fight the ALL the claims of these critics. THanks to God for the existence of the internet for I was able to gather up more refutations to these claims. I am working on a mini-book [or perhaps a book] which I'm almost done with and when this book is out, I assure you that by the special grace of God, many will come to Christ and salvation will be widespread.
    To Christians out there, do not give up the fight; preach the good news to all [Matthew 28:19] be cheerful to all and abstain from greed, wickedness of mind and body, be extravagant givers and stay away from other sinful act [as I too will try my best {through God that strenghtens me} to do so]
    You are highly welcome to my newly opened blog. Make yourself comfortable and please do not take offence in things that may sound offensive to you but rather take it as --we all are learners--... The Email for this blog is: and my personal Email is: And I do hope that every bit of information will be useful to you and everyone out there in Jesus' name [Amen]... Be thou blessed

NOTE: I do not "go off" [or travel] to do debates for as you can see, I'm a teen [17] and still much dependent on my beloved parent [as the last born] so please bear with me till I get to my 20s by the grace of God...]

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